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So often business owners, office managers and sports teams coaches juggle their daily tasks of running a business, office or sports organizations as well as coordinating any necessarily travel. It seems easy enough, especially when your organization does not require heavy travel. But what happens when you have done everything right, and there's a snag or delay with the transportation, accommodations or event? You have to put your tasks aside and put your all into fixing the problem, while your other responsibilities fall to the wayside. Well, that's what we're here for. 

MJT Premier offers travel management services for businesses and nonprofit organizations, often with no extra charge to you! We get paid by the travel supplier directly, so you can just give us the details and let us handle the rest, even if it's just booking a hotel every once in a while, or your organization requires extensive travel. We know this business, and we will make sure that your trips run smoothly, and if they don't, we'll be there to smooth things out. We will also help to ensure everyone who is traveling within your organization receives the correct information in a professional, organized manner.


Coaching multiple AAU basketball teams makes it hard to also coordinate the travel . MJT Premier not only manages the travel, but also makes everything look extremely professional and organized.


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If you are interested in allowing MJT Premier Travel to manage the travel needs for your organization, please enter your information below and we will contact you within one business day to get more details. 

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